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Exit Strategy Coaching

Every company needs a sound exit strategy. The exit strategy guides decision-making in the short term and improves the probability of a successful exit. Few companies plan far enough in advance for this significant event. In addition, every company has some elements of their exit strategy that can be improved.

A Two-Hour Coaching Session

We conduct a two-hour coaching session with your management team. We review your exit strategy to ensure that it is both effective and realistic. We are available for a follow-up meeting or telephone calls as part of the service.

View your Markets Strategically

A strategic buyer will pay a higher price than a financial buyer, so we focus on market issues. We help you view your markets strategically:

  • Do your market sectors complement or overlap those of buyers?
  • How market movement determines the best buyers
  • How will a buyer assess your value?

We discuss how your strategic decisions going forward will affect the eventual exit as well as value. We address how your company definition influences strategy. We suggest the appropriate response if you receive an unsolicited offer. We also advise on how value is lost.

A clear exit strategy improves alignment between shareholder groups and/or management. Exit strategy can guide product development decisions. We help you steer clear of potential problems and we identify possible red flags.

Guide Your Thinking

We address your specific situation, your questions and your concerns. Our questions help guide your thinking going forward.
This coaching session is based on my experience from 30 years as a boutique investment banker specializing in selling companies whose value is strategic. We charge a small fee for the coaching session.


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