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Acquisitions can play an important role in achieving a company's growth objectives. Our acquisition clients are typically public and private companies with revenues of $50 million to $250 million. Management is often fully engaged running the business with a sense of urgency about growth. Utilizing an experienced intermediary such as T.V. Metz & Co. is both productive and cost effective.

Our acquisition services include three components:

  • Advise on strategy, tactics and best practices
  • Negotiating assistance 
  • Identify, research and screen targets

Our years of experience are a valuable resource to companies. We offer ideas regarding negotiation strategy and tactics as well as acquisition best practices. Our involvement saves management time.

We identify, research and screen potential acquisition candidates. Our searches are both disciplined and creative. The best candidates are often not "for sale" and must be actively sought out. We explore adjacent markets for creative acquisition ideas. A proactive and committed search yields the best results. Our objective is to provide management with a small set of prioritized and well-researched acquisition candidates.

Case Study

BVRP's acquisition of Elibrium is an illustrative case study. BVRP Software designs and publishes software for communications, mobility, and security. The company's products are sold in over 100 countries through e-commerce, OEM partners and IT resellers. The company had revenues of €43 million and was traded on the Nouveau Marché Exchange. It has subsidiaries in France, Great Britain and the United States. The company recently changed its name to Avanquest Software.

BVRP needed additional distribution channels in North America in order to capitalize on the large U.S. market. Over a six-month period, we investigated almost 200 companies and presented our client with 46 potential targets. BVRP selected 17 companies that they wanted us to qualify further. We performed more in-depth research on these companies and reduced the number of top candidates to a short list.

One of the target companies, Elibrium, possessed many of the attributes that BVRP was seeking. Elibrium was not seeking to be acquired. In fact, the company was in the midst of arranging financing for growth. A deal was ultimately worked out that was beneficial to both parties and BVRP successfully completed the acquisition of Elibrium.


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