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Exit Strategy Advice

Every company has some elements of its exit strategy that can be improved upon. An effective strategy increases the probability of a successful exit as well as selling for the maximum price. Few companies plan far enough in advance for this significant event. 

We offer a series of advisory sessions to review and assess your exit strategy to ensure that it maximizes value and that the strategy is both realistic and effective. The strategy sessions may range from a few hours to a number of meetings with your management team depending on your time frame. We charge a small fee for this service.

We address your specific concerns and we advise you about the best response to an unsolicited offer. We advise you on actions to take moving forward that will increase the value of your company. Topics include:


  • How will a buyer view your company?
  • Where is value lost?
  • How do companies leave dollars on the table?
  • How can you increase your value?

Strategic Value

  • Strategic buyers will pay higher prices than financial buyers.
  • How to think about strategic value.
  • What drives strategic value?


  • Who are the best buyers?
  • Who are the nonobvious buyers?
  • How will a buyer view your risks?

Market Movement

  • How market movement affects price and timing.
  • Where is the market movement?
  • How to think about the markets.

Potential Problem Areas

  • What are your problem areas?
  • How should you deal with weakness?
  • How can you reduce the risks?
  • Where are the red flags? 
  • What are the top seller mistakes?


  • What time frame is right for your company?
  • When should you start to think about selling?
  • How lengthy is the sale process?

Management and Shareholder Issues

  • Check the alignment between management and shareholder groups.
  • A clear strategy improves alignment.
  • Review the management team. Should changes be made?

Financial Issues

  • Set up your financial statements for success.
  • Avoid problem areas on the financial statements.

Administrative Issues

  • Review important administrative procedures.
  • Can a basic due diligence list be completed?
  • Get administrative processes in order.

Other Issues

  • How does company definition impact exit strategy?
  • Does your website communicate the right message?

Unsolicited Offer

  • Responding to an unsolicited offer.
  • Should you reach out to other buyers?

Actions Going Forward

  • Use your exit strategy to set priorities.
  • What actions should you take right now?
  • What actions should you take down the road?

My exit strategy advice is based on 33 years of experience as a boutique investment banker specializing in selling companies with strategic value. I have sold 75 companies across North America as well as in Europe and Asia.


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