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Interview with Entrepreneurial Excellence

Radio Show with host Frank De Raffele

Every In June 2009, Tom Metz was interviewed by Frank De Raffele, host of the Entrepreneurial Excellence radio show on WTBQ in New York. In this interview Tom discusses several of the myths associated with the sale of a company whose value is strategic. The interview has been divided into four segments to simplify listening.

Segment 1: Tom discusses the nature of strategic or intangible value. He comments on the myth of intrinsic value and the myth of a narrow value range (4 minutes).  See: Metz WTBQ Radio Interview-Part1

Segment 2: Tom describes the myth of revenue multiples, the myth of liquidity and why companies sell (4 minutes).  See Metz WTBQ Radio Interview-Part2

Segment 3: The Rolodex myth is illustrated as well as the myth of big buyers. He comments on who the best buyers are (3 minutes). See: Metz WTBQ Radio Interview-Part3

Segment 4: This segment discusses how to prepare for a sale, how to create the greatest value and why acquirers buy (5 minutes). See: Metz WTBQ Radio Interview-Part4


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