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T.V. Metz Sale Process

We execute a highly disciplined process that targets strategic buyers who are the most able to leverage the unique assets of the selling company. We screen potential acquirers for their ability to pay an attractive price and their capability to finance and close a transaction.

Position the Company

We position the company to emphasizes its unique assets, accentuate its strengths and competencies and deal with any problem areas.

Descriptive Memorandum

We present the company in a professional manner. We draft a memorandum that clearly communicates the company's strengths, growth potential and opportunities.

Advice on Valuation

Value is strategic rather than financial for most technology companies. Often the value is strategic to the buyer. The key to achieving the best price is understanding the strategic fit. We have negotiated many transactions in which the value was strategic.

Identify The Best Buyers

Our search process is extremely disciplined and thorough. We examine  adjacent and tangential markets to uncover strategic fits that may not be obvious and we have a wealth of contacts in the technology industries.

Generate Offers

Our process is designed to generate multiple offers. We strive to get buyers to the table at the same time, ensuring that the client receives the highest price and the best terms.


We have a wealth of experience negotiating transactions and have a keen understanding of the subtleties of negotiations. All prices are negotiated. We can pay for our fee many times over by negotiating the best deal for our clients.


We have employed many different types of transaction structures over the years. We have designed creative structures that successfully met the needs of both parties.

Evaluate Offers

In a stock transaction, evaluating and selecting the right offer is critical. We assist in evaluating the stock of privately-held buyers as well as publicly-traded buyers.

Close the Transaction

We manage the closing process, working to overcome the obstacles that inevitably occur and smooth the path toward closing. 

Benefits to the Client:

Our involvement ensures that the transaction is completed smoothly and at the best price and terms.

  • Save Management Time

    Executing a merger or an acquisition is a full time job. We take a significant workload off management's shoulders, so you can keep focused on building the business.

  • Objectivity

    We view the company more objectively than the CEO or the board of directors. As a result, we can be more effective in executing the transaction.

  • Maintain Confidentiality

    We maintain confidentiality for the client.

  • Minimize Distractions

    We manage the entire transaction process and minimize the distractions and disruptions for the company and management.


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