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Negotiations are a critical aspect of business. Whether negotiating the sale of the company or other important business transactions, having an experienced advisor in your corner can provide significant value. V. Metz & Co., LLC has worked with companies across North America, as well as in Europe and Asia. tvm photo

Negotiating successful transactions requires experience, judgment and a keen understanding of the negotiating game. It requires the ability to be composed under pressure as well as a tactical finesse.

I advise companies on negotiations for high-stakes business transactions, including the sale of the company. I perform several roles:

  •  Act as your lead negotiator
  •  Be part of your negotiating team
  •  Act as an advisor behind the scenes

As a boutique investment banker for more than 30 years, I have extensive  negotiating experience. I have conducted hundreds of negotiations, many regarding the sale of a company. In a number of cases, I have been engaged to negotiate the sale of a company when it received an unsolicited offer from a buyer. My experience crosses a broad spectrum of industries, with particular emphasis in technology and services.

Negotiating the sale of a company when value is strategic is particularly challenging since normal valuation metrics don't apply; these negotiations are much like a poker game. Reading the other side is a critical deal skill.

The subtleties of negotiation are where significant dollars can be gained or lost. Small errors can cost big money. As an objective third party with three decades of experience, I can usually negotiate more effectively than the CEO or a board member.

Negotiation truly is an art. Having an experienced negotiator on your side can be a valuable resource for your company. 


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