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From our newsletter: The Technology Acquisition Update

Get Moving on your Exit Strategy

Savvy Negotiating Tactics—Time, Rhythm, Silence & Ego

Top 10 Seller Mistakes

The 7 Step Strategy: Responding to an Unsolicited Offer

Revenue Multiple Mistakes

Auction vs. Negotiated Sale

Savvy Negotiating: 7 Strategy Tips

Exit Strategy Coaching

The Right Time to Sell

Six Keys to Successful Earnouts

Optimum Price and Market Stage

How to Select an Investment Banker

Merging with a Public Company

Negotiating when Value is Intangible

The Letter of Intent

Why Companies Don't Sell

Learning from High-Tech Deals

Nine M&A Mistakes

The Beauty of Small Acquisitions

18 Reasons a CEO Should Not Sell the Company

The Seven Critical Deal Skills

Human Biases and Foibles in Decision Making

The Value of Your Personal Time 

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