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Sales of Companies

T.V. Metz & Co., LLC has completed transactions across a broad spectrum of technology markets. Industry segments include: robotics, scientific instruments, medical devices, computer hardware, avionics, Bluetooth and more. In the software realm, we have closed transactions for SaaS platforms, marketing software, social media, financial software, legal, manufacturing software, databases, data visualization, training, education, video software, scientific, etc. We have closed transactions across North America and also with companies in Europe and Asia.

Our clients include two types of firms: (1) companies in which the shareholders desire liquidity and (2) companies with innovative technology, however the costs of getting to market are higher than investors prefer to fund. To reach the next level of growth the firm needs to be part of a larger company with greater resources.

In the technology sectors, a company's strategic value is almost always greater than its financial value. Strategic value depends on the specific  buyer and is driven by the unique contribution that the selling company can make to the buyer.

Generating competitive offers is the best way to ensure that the client receives the highest price. To achieve this result, we employ a sale process that is highly disciplined. We undertake a creative search effort and identify candidates beyond the obvious buyers. We target strategic buyers who are most able to leverage the unique assets of the selling company.

Our negotiating experience is extensive. Negotiating is particularly important when a company's value is strategic because normal valuation metrics do not apply. We are effective at overcoming the obstacles and problems that inevitably occur.

Our expertise embodies a keen understanding about how technology markets develop—how they begin, how they grow, how fast they move, how they morph and change.


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