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                Case Studies

Little Bird logo
Little Bird

We brought in multiple bidders and closed a deal with an excellent buyer.

Intellibot logo

An unusual negotiation and a sale to a Netherlands conglomerate.


This SaaS company needed to be acquired quickly. We generated multiple bidders and concluded a transaction.

Coleman Logo

Coleman Consulting Group

This buyer was not an obvious candidate.

Alliance Manufacturing  Software, Inc.
A mature market and falling profits made this a tough sell. We found a  buyer in the U.K.

See Case Study

Gaard Automation, Inc.

Our assessment of strategic value enabled us to negotiate a very attractive price.

 See Case Study
crossport logo
Crossport Systems, Inc.

We scoured the markets to uncover additional buyers. 

See Case Study

managize logo
Managize, Inc.
The VC wanted out quickly. We hustled and closed the deal in record time.
syntellect logo
Syntellect, Inc.

We negotiated a price that exceeded the seller's expectations.

See Case Study

WinSales, Inc.

The market was becoming saturated; however, we closed the deal at an excellent price.

See Case Study


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